Library Notes

Library Notes is a free, open-source iOS app for taking notes about the books you read.

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you are what you read

Why use a special app for notes about books?

Permanent Value

If you are a book lover, you can build up a reading log and notes over the course of decades. Library Notes uses simple plain-text markup so your notes will be readable forever, by almost any application.

Personal Ownership

Your book notes are yours. You shouldn’t lose them when a software company goes out of business. Library Notes works with simple files! No account, no sign-up, and you can move or copy your files wherever you want. You can use file synchronization services like iCloud Drive or Dropbox to keep your content in sync across multiple devices.


The joy of writing book notes is rereading them! It’s like meeting old friends again. Library Notes already has innovative features to help you get reacquainted with what you’ve put in your notes.


Markdown-formatted notes

Library Notes is more than a book cataloging application! Many of its features work best if you keep notes about what you read. To maximize portability, Library Notes uses plain-text notes and you can organize your notes and your books with #hashtags.

All of your notes in one file

Library Notes is a file-based application. You can keep notes on an entire library in a single file, which you can copy / share / backup as you want. You can use a service like iCloud Documents to easily synchronize your library contents to all of your devices.

Screenshot of the file picker

Get book data from Google Books and Open Library

Get a head start on adding book metadata with integrated search of Google Books and Open Library.

Editing book metadata

Import from Goodreads and LibraryThing

If you already use Goodreads or LibraryThing to catalog your books, you can easily import your book catalog to Library Notes.

Screenshot of the import dialog

Review Mode

If you capture quotes, question-and-answer information, or fill-in-the-blank challenges in your notes, Library Notes will present them to you in Review Mode.

Library Notes Review Mode

Random Quotes

Sometimes all you need is a selection of inspiring, thought-provoking quotes from the books you've read. Library Notes delivers!

Library Notes Random Quotes